How to Make Him Crazy About You

If you have a man in your life that you want to adore you and go crazy about you, you are at the right place. Here are your valuable tools:

1) Show him you are single and you like him

2) Seductive Eye contact

Look straight into his eyes and don’t look away.  This is a highly emotional link.  So that to make your look mild think about something nice and pleasant. Practice at home with camera on your computer by recording your seductive glance.

3) The touch

Don’t take your hand away from his when you say hello.  Feel his energy and maintain eye contact.

4) Beautiful hands

Always make sure you have beautiful long painted nails. It is such a turn on for men.

5) Laugh

Men love seeing women laugh.  It makes them feel more confident.  Women with a sense of humour are very attractive. Lough at his jokes. Tell him funny stories from your life.

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6) Smile

Smile means that you feel one’s superiority and men adore it. Play with him by using your smile. If you smile at him and he can’t turn his eyes off of you then he is yours.  Every attractive woman knows how to use her smile.  Majority of men agreed that smile is the sexiest thing about women.

7) Conversation

Not too many people have the skill of listening. Most people like to talk. Be a good listener, show your interest in him and look into his eyes.  Don’t yawn!  Show him your interest in the topic and ask questions.

8) Cross your legs

When you cross your legs and sit on one side it gives a curve to your body and looks very attractive.

9) Movements

Move like a queen.  Don’t use your hands and gestures too much; it makes you look insecure and nervous. It’s better to move slowly, being peaceful and in control of yourself and your emotions.  Always remember about your back and neck alignment.

10) Walk

Make your walk beautiful and sexy.  Add a little bit of a sway to your hips and shoulders.  It has to be very subtle. Hold your back straight.

11) Voice

Men love tender and sensual voice.  You can work on your voice to improve it. Record yourself reading a paragraph in a newspaper then listen to your recording. Do you like the way you sound? Evaluate what you need to work on and do it again.

12) Choice of Clothes

Dress classy and chic, but not too revealing.  Many women make a mistake of dressing too revealing and getting wrong kind of attention.  Men can think only about using a woman that dresses vulgar. Women that are easy to get, are easy to forget.


Now let’s combine all the tools.  Everything starts with an eye-contact and body language.  Attract his attention and make him interested in you and want you using your walk, posture, manners, look, body language and eye contact.  Don’t show him you are completely available. Show a little bit of interest, not too much.

Find one thing that is common between you both and talk about it. Be a good listener and become a good friend.

A fabulous technique all the famous seducers use is showing controversial signs: cold – hot, innocent – sinner, tender – hard, mysterious – clear, shy – playful and sweet  – spicy.  Use these techniques with him and it will make him feel that you are unpredictable.

When you go out on a date with him, wear something fabulous, but not too revealing.  Leave space for his imagination. Wear beautiful make-up and make your hair look chic. Select your words carefully, no negativity.  Speak with very sensual voice.  Show him self-respect and he will feel that you are much more valuable then any woman he have ever met before.

Open yourself up a bit to him; let him know about your ambitions and career goals. Make him talk about himself, acknowledge him, admire his achievements and complement his strong points.  Show him that there are many other men that like and admire you and that you have a lot of guy friends around.

Go out to public places together.  The most important is not to become intimate with him right away and make him respect you.  Make him wait as long as possible.  Real man will be patient. Don’t be afraid that he might leave you, because a real man will never leave a woman at this point of the game.  At the beginning his goal is physical intimacy with you, be aware and don’t give it to him. Give him a chance to fall in love with YOU, not your body.  Remember that women that are easy to get, are easy to forget. Those women are not respected by men.

Seduce him and flirt with him.  Be unpredictable and keep him in tension.  Break rules together.  Prepare unexpected things, people love mystery.  Surprise him with something.  Show him that it’s not easy to possess you.  You can disappear anytime.

Don’t make your whole life around your man.  Have lots of friends, hobbies, goals, career and play business game to become financially free.  Have a bright and happy life. This will make your man admire you and go crazy about you.  Lastly, always be playful. Life is what you make out of it. Make it fun and playful.