How to Flirt – Body language Secrets

What is the purpose of the flirting body language? The purpose is to show the other person that you are interested in him/her. All men have fear of rejection in a certain degree. Some of them are terrified of being rejected and others play cool but still wouldn’t make the first step before you give him a green light and show him that it is safe to approach you. Be wise about it and I’m about t share the body language tips that will help attract any man you want.

There are many different ways how you can show him he green light so that he could make the first move. Here they are:


Eyes is the mirror to the soul

Eyes can show kindness and love, they can show anger and sadness, they can express liking and flirting sign that is such a turn on. Look straight into his eyes and hold your look a bit longer then usual, then look away. Look again. Do it 3-4 times till the guy really gets that you like him. When you look at him, make sure your eyes express love, interest and curiosity. Practice with webcam by recording yourself.

Look at him from the corner of your eyes. This look is mysterious.



Smile is a flirting sign. Smile shows warmth and friendliness. When guys see you smile, they get attracted to you. Practice your best smile in the mirror; it will give you confidence.

Semi-open mouth looks sexy and inviting.

Touch your lips with your fingers as if by accident. This is more of a courageous flirting, it is very powerful if you do it in a subtle way.

There is a thin line between being classy-attractive and vulgar. Always be classy. Remember that the purpose of the flirt is to attract his attention and get to know the person. You might not even like the person after getting to know him deeper. So always act and attract men in a classy way.


Play with your Hair and Neck

Go through your hair with your hand and show up your neck in a very subtle way. Neck is a vulnerable area, if you demonstrate it this signals that you are interested in him and open to him.

Touch your hair slightly without being too obvious. Majority of men know that when a woman is touching her hair, she is flirting.


Demonstrate your wrists and palms

It shows that you are open and vulnerable. Why? Because in ancient times showing the palms meant that the person doesn’t hide any weapon and can be trusted. This days showing palms psychologically accepted as an open sign.


Confident posture

Always keep your spine straight. Body speaks louder than words and posture shows if you are confident or not.  Confidence is sexy. By having straight spine you are showing to everybody that you feel great about yourself and that you are confident.

Sit in a feminine way. Cross your legs and put the weight of your body on one side. It will give an extra curve to your body.

Watch the way you stand. Put your weight on one hip, this will give a curve to your body.

Move like a queen. Don’t use your hands and gestures too much; it makes you look nervous. It’s better to move slowly, being peaceful and in control of yourself and your emotions. Always remember about your back and neck alignment.



Relax and enjoy yourself

Being relaxed shows that you are in control. Don’t be nervous because men feel it and it breaks the connection and attraction. To relax, breathe deeper. When you take deep breaths, your whole body automatically relaxes. Chest Breathing is shallow breathing. When we are afraid of something, we breathe with our chest. Breathe with your stomach. Mediate before you go out. It will help you calm down and interact with authenticity and clear mind.


Play hard to get

Show that you are not needy and not desperate for his attention. Be centered. Show that you are the one who chooses. Have lots of other men around you competing for you.



Our voice express much more then we think. The tone of your voice expresses 38% of your message. Have you heard some nasal voices? Or voices that are too high or too low? Those are not too sexy but a great news is that it can be changed with a little bit of practice.  When someone talks too fast without pauses, it makes people feel that the person is nervous and insecure.

Speak with deep, sexy and confident voice. Record yourself reading a paragraph from a book and then listen to your recording objectively. Do you like the way you sound? If yes, great! If not, try speaking and practice deep breathing at the same time. Find your favorite actress, listen to her voice and try to imitate it. Practice makes perfect!


Dress well

Your outfit communicates a ton about your self-esteem. Women that are looking to get laid dress vulgar but you are a classy woman and I’m certain that you are interested in connection, respect from your man and potentially amazing long-term relationship. Dress chic yet a bit sexy. If you wear a short dress, make sure it is not too open in the chest area. If you are showing your cleavage, make sure this dress is not too short. High heels will make you look incredibly sexy. When you were heels though, always remember to straighten your leg when you step. Women that wear heels and do not straighten they legs look very unattractive. And also remember to choose comfortable high heels.


Be Yourself and Have Fun!

Dating is fun! Don’t stress about it. If it doesn’t work out with a particular one, there are thousands of other guys waiting for you. Loosen up, have fun, tell jokes and Enjoy yourself!